Why Is English Important?


Hello Pupils of Year 6..

All play and no homework actually made Jack a nobody... so, here is the Countdown of UPSR..

Have a nice day! ( sure you won't have nightmares if you prepared yourself for the exam)

Take care!


ADVISOR1 : En. AlHazmi Abddullah

ADVISOR 2 : Pn. Siti Amnah bt. Haji Omar

CHAIR PERSON : Pn. Zaiton bt. Hj. Awang

V. CHAIR PERSON : Pn. Jessica Kew

SECRETARY : Pn. Emily Madusin

TREASURER : En. Marinus @ Martin Giau


* Year 1 - Pn. Jessica Kew

* Year 2 - Pn. Syarifah Wanty Jaibin

* Year 3 - Pn. Roselyn Olaybal

* Year 4 - Pn. Nur Misya Jan Abdullah

* Year 5 - En. Marinus @ Martin Giau

* Year 6 - Pn. Irdaningsih Ramle



~ Pn. Zaiton Hj Awang
~ Pn. Nur Misya Jan Abdullah
~ En. Marinus @ Martin Giau
~ Pn. Irdaningsih Ramle /
~ Pn. Kala a/p Vyapury Muniandy


~ Pn. Kew Yen Phin
~ Pn. Salbiah
~ Pn. Syarifah Wanty
~ Pn. Roselyn OLaybal
~ Pn. Mazlina Jaid
~ Pn. Helena A. Bansing


It is one of the departments in the School Curriculum Committee which comprises the English Language teachers of the morning and afternoon.


~ attempt to achieve 80 % of English passes in the UPSR for the coming years
~ reduce the number of pupils who are unable to master the three main skills in language learning (speaking, reading and writing) by the end of Year 6


~ working with full commitment, equipped with specific skills and requisite knowledge base, to ensure effective teaching and learning process as well as pupils’ language mastery

Panel’s Role

1. Improve and upgrade the quality and effectiveness of language teaching and learning.

2. Run meetings/discussions (informal/formal) to identify and solve problems pertaining to teaching and learning, also to discuss the current curriculum implementation.

3. Review analysis on pupils’ performance in English Language monthly tests, semester exams and also UPSR based on the school target.

4. Develop teaching strategies and approaches to cultivate pupils’ learning interest and language proficiency.

5. Generate positive values such as cooperation, teamwork spirit among the members in the panel as well as other panel members.

6. Exchange new ideas, knowledge and language expertise gained from recent courses/seminars/workshops attended by panel member(s).

7. Suggest, plan and ensure successful implementation of the English activities throughout the year.

Get 2 know US....)

When we meet a person or come across new ideas,
many things come up to our mind.

We may not like how a person looks or his ideas.
It's only when we get to know each other better,
friendship is developed.
Ideas may be accepted or at least understood.

So, get to know us.
SK Tobobon as the name is.
Communicate and make friends,
And you’ll learn to love the school and the ideas..
if not the teachers!..;~)

English Week 2012

More words..UK vs US..

term/ semester
sweet / candy
draughts/ checkers
biscuit /cookie
rucksack /backpack
coach /bus
spectacles/ eyeglasses
lecturer /professor
hire /rent
schedule/ timetable
vacation /holiday
garden /yard
VAX sales/ tax
driving licence/ driver's license

aeroplane /airplane 
nappy /diaper
toilet /bathroom 
queue/ line
 rubber /eraser
 trousers/ pants 
rubbish  /garbage
jug  /pitcher 
lorry /truck
supermarket/  grocery store 
colour  /color 
flavour /flavor
harbour/ harbor
honour /honor
humour /humor
labour /labor
neighbour/ neighbor
rumour /rumor
pavement/ side walk 
french-fries / chips
Autumn /fall
car park / parking lot 
the cinema / the movies
holiday / vacation
nappy / diaper
pub / bar


It’s = It is/has
Isn’t = Is not
Aren’t = Are not
Can’t = Cannot, can not
Couldn’t = Could not
Hasn’t = Has not
Haven’t = Have not
He’ll = He will/shall
He’s = He is/has
I’d = I would/had
I’ll = I will/shall
I’m = I am
I’ve = I have
Let’s = Let us
Ma’am = Madam
Mustn’t = Must not
She’ll = She will/shall
She’s = She is/has
There’s = There is
They’ll = They will/shall
They’re = They are
They’ve = They have
We’ll = We will/shall
Weren’t = Were not
We’ve = We have
Who’s = Who is/has
Won’t = Will not
Wouldn’t = would not
You’ll = You will/shall
You’re = You are
You’ve = You have
O’clock = Of the clock

ENGLISH WEEK 2011 (morning session)

ENGLISH WEEK 2011 (afternoon session)